The Cold War Continues

Dearest Readers,

I bet you’ve been wondering why I haven’t posted this week.

It’s simple. I went over to Ugly Dog’s place to ask her to be an official Guest Blogger (in other words, NOT a hacker this time, but an actual invited guest).

And this is what happens! We have become stuck in an Ugly Dog standoff. It’s been going on for days. She calls it playing “Cat and Little Rat,” but I think that name is stupid.

There’s no telling when this will end, but you’ll be among the first to know.

Hang in there, Baby!


Head Writer @ Jax-Attax Blog


You Blinked! No, You Did! No, YOU Did!

You Blinked! No, You Did! No, YOU Did!



3 Responses to “The Cold War Continues”

  1. LLG says:

    Do you have writer’s block? Or are you still stalking Ugly Dog?

    • jax says:

      I was very busy with Ugly Dog. I have just posted an update regarding the other reason I haven’t written in a while, dear Grandmama!

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